LL.M. in International Business Law - Singapore


LL.M. in International Business Law - Singapore

LL.M. in International Business Law - Singapore

alarm Launch:

02/01/2023 à 09h00

schedule Closing:

15/09/2023 à 23h59


Time zone: Europe/Paris

The LL.M programme prepares students and professionals to master important cross-borders mergers or financial transactions, funding, restructuring, LBO, financial engineering, and setting-up of industrial projects. These transactions raise many difficulties which often lead to the adoption of innovative solutions. Their study and the analysis of the legal, financial, and accounting issues they raise are particularly formative. The LL.M Participants will tackle with different viewpoints and in a very interactive way the contracts, guarantees, fundings or settlings of international trade disputes, just to quote key areas. Lectures are taught excusively in English by both Panthéon-Assas professors and local renowned practitionners.