Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance (Hons) - Mauritius


BA in Economics and Finance (Hons)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance (Hons) - Mauritius

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16/10/2023 à 12h00

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16/09/2024 à 02h59


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The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and Finance (Hons) is a distinguished 3-year Honours Programme that equips students with a strong foundation in theoretical, quantitative, and analytical skills. This program is tailor-made to prepare students for advanced studies in highly selective master's degrees and promising careers in Business, Data Science, and Finance. Notably, the BA in Economics and Finance is highly regarded in French rankings, with Paris-Panthéon-Assas University consistently occupying the top position in France, particularly excelling in Finance, Law and Management.

To be eligible for this program, candidates must hold at least a higher secondary school qualification, which can be HSC, A-Level, Baccalauréat, International Baccalaureate, or an equivalent certification. Moreover, candidates are required to have a minimum C-grade in Mathematics for A-Level or a B for AS-level. The BA in Economics and Finance (Hons) spans three academic years and is exclusively offered on a full-time basis. The academic year runs from August to June of the following year and consists of two semesters, each culminating in examinations. The programme primarily employs face-to-face teaching, although a small portion of classes may be conducted online. Know more about the programme :

IMPORTANT : La date limite de candidature pour les étudiants internationaux est fixée au 1er juillet 2024, afin de faciliter le traitement des visas. Nous ne pouvons garantir l'examen des candidatures des étudiants internationaux reçues après cette date. Toutefois, le système de candidature restera ouvert pour les étudiants locaux (qui ne nécessitent pas de visa) jusqu'au 16 Septembre 2024.

IMPORTANT : Application Deadline for International Students is on the 1st of July, 2024 for visa processing purposes. We do not guarantee that international students applications received after this date will be reviewed. The application system will however remain open for local students (who do not require a visa) until the 16th September 2024.